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Họ và tên Hien Duong
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Cơ quan công tác The University of Sydney Nano Institute
Địa chỉ cơ quan The University of Sydney
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Her research is multidisciplinary which focuses on the new concepts and ideas to engineer novel materials and devices at nanoscale. The ultimate goal is to utilize the nanotechnology in the form of nanoparticles to extend our life in two ways: i) early detection of life-threatening diseases and ii) improvement of their current therapy. Her research area includes polymer synthesis, fabrication and characterization of organic, inorganic and biocompatible nanomaterials for biomedical applications. She has extensive experience in understanding the interface between polymer synthesis and biomedical science. She is also interested in the development of powerful fluorescence microscopic techniques to study the fate of nanoparticles in the live cells.
Danh sách công trình nghiên cứu tham gia
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